All across the woodlands, animal daddies and their little ones cuddle up together. From furry bear hugs to silky hare hugs, Nancy Tafuri celebrates all the hugs that are extra special because they are just-daddy-and-me hugs. A special author's note includes a list of critters to seek and find on each page, along with their scientific names.

Little ones love daddy hugs.
Feathered hugs... whiskered hugs... cozy hugs.
Just-daddy-and-me hugs.

Tafuri’s beautiful watercolor and pencil illustration depict a woodland landscape surrounding a human family’s cabin. Each spread teems with life while focusing on a central father animal and its young. Animals noises (Rurrr-rurr-rurrr!) are matched with a repeated couplet: ‘“I love furry hugs,’ says Little Bear. ‘Just-Daddy-and-me hugs.”’ The adjective describing each hug changes to highlight the animal duo. Painted turtles, beavers, skunks, foxes, chipmunks, bobwhites, hares, owls, raccoons, and woodpeckers are among the creatures introduced. Each page has much to examine, including a visual clue as to the upcoming animal family. The final page identifies the central animals, including Latin names, and the small creatures hidden among the scenes. This will be a good choice for reading aloud to a group or even examining close up one-on-one. VERDICT Daddies and little ones alike will enjoy a nice snuggle while reading this book together before bed.
— School Library Journal, February 2015