The Big Storm

A Very Soggy Counting Book

Dark Black clouds start to gather. The wind begins to blow. A storm is coming! Count from 1 to 10 as Bird, Mouse, Rabbit, and their friends take shelter in a cozy hollow. The animals are safe for the night, but who else is hiding in the cave with them?

10 critters huddled together, tight and snug whilethe clouds gathered.

The wind blew. The leaves swirled. The lightning cracked.

The rain fell and the thunder rumbled and grumbled...

all night long.

PreSchool-K—Youngsters will begin counting up to 10 immediately as the gathering clouds and wind force a bird to take cover in a hollow part of a hill. Next comes a mouse scampering for shelter, followed by a skittering squirrel. They are soon joined by a rabbit, a chipmunk, a fox, etc. In the morning, after the skies clear, the 10 small woodland critters continue to hear “a rumble and a grumble in the air” and realize that their cave was already occupied by two sleeping bears. Children can then count back down as the animals make a hasty exit. Characteristic of a beloved Tafuri tale, this title accomplishes much with simplicity. Repetitive words—“rumble” and “grumble”—add tension to the plot. Dramatic poses picture the animals’ wariness of the storm ahead. They are drawn huddled together for the night as a cozy bunch. An autumn-colored palette with orange-and-yellow leaves swirling across a spread is rendered in watercolor and watercolor pencils. A large black font shows each numeral up to 10. This book could be used for remembering sequences and lessons in “What happened next?”
— School Library Journal

The Big Storm, A Very Soggy Counting Book was chosen for the One Book Every Young Child Program in Connecticut