Whose Chick Are You?

A chick hatches out of its egg, but who does it belong to? No one seems to know–not Goose (Honk),

not Duck (Quack), not Hen (Cluck), not Bird (Chirp). Not even Little Chick (Croo? Croo?)


But... Little Chick’s parents know, and sharp observers will delight in noting–

they’ve been swimming nearby all along.

Tafuri demonstrates why she continues to set the standard in books for the very young.
An interactive winner.
— Kirkus Review
With her typically large, appealing nature images, Tafuri again transforms a childhood worry into a reassuring story. When a chick hatches out of an egg, neither Goose, Duck, Hen, Bird, nor the chick knows to whom it belongs. But Swan knows. The artwork’s close-up perspective and the combination of large type, onomatopoeia, and the clues to Little Chick’s parents scattered through the pictures will draw children into the scenes. Little ones will be delighted to discover the hatchling’s parents swimming nearby in the reeds. Overflowing the pages, the softly brushed pen-and-watercolor illustrations appear simplistic but, in fact, offer a charming visual narrative, as cozy as a parent’s lap, that will assuage a toddler’s fear of abandonment.
— Booklist