Will You Be My Friend?

A Bunny and Bird Story

With simple, lyrical language, perfect for reading aloud or for children just beginning to read on their own. Nancy Tafuri has created a delightfully reassuring friendship story brimming with all the emotions of childhood.

Bunny and Bird live in an old apple tree. Bunny is eager to be friends, but Bird feels too shy.

In this very simple yet comforting story, a little bunny wants to befriend a shy bird with whom he shares a tree (bunny in the bottom hole, bird on a limb). When a rainstorm ruins the bird’s nest, Bird comes to stay with Bunny, and Bunny and his friends help Bird rebuild his home. Although this looks like a conventional picture book, the flap copy says Tafuri also intended it to be a book children can read to themselves. The text is simple enough to be a reader, and the large type will make reading easy. Like Tafuri’s other books, this features good-size drawings that are easy on the eyes. There’s a certain sweetness to the art that makes it livelier than the palette suggests.
— Booklist
Tafuri never belabors the emotional content.
— Publishers Weekly